Our Family of the Month is Jim and Wanda Strauss for all the hard work the do while filling in at Masses on Sunday, with Mass coordination and stepping up to Lector. 


Family and Knight of the month

Anniversary Dinner is a Huge Success! 

Announcements  &

2020 Knights of Columbus Magnet Contest

The Knights of Columbus Council 12832 are proud to announce the winners of this years magnet contest. You may choose any of the designs for $5 donation to the council. Help keep Christ in Christmas! 

​PENNY age 6                          GENEVIEVE    age 7                        BECCA    age 17                            ABIGAIL   age 9

Our Knight of the month for September is Bobby Franze, for his work in assisting Bill and Kathy Crocker by building and installing an extra handrail for the stairway in their lovely two story home. Well done!

Once again this this year the Knights of Columbus Council 12832 will sponsor TWO scholarships for the 2021 Fall Semester. Details and Application coming soon!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all face to face events are temporarily suspended. The monthly meetings will continue as scheduled via an online format.  Please watch for those dates and times to be published and emailed to the council.

The Knights will continue to help with the limited attendance Masses and the distribution of Eucharist on Sunday afternoons. If you have a need that the Knights of Columbus may be able to help, please reach out to us and we can make a plan. It is our hope to continue God's work in our mission of Leave No Neighbor Behind,  and help where we can in these trying times. 

God bless and Please be SAFE!

Patrick, Grand Knight

Helping Widows

​2021 Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program

First Friday Adoration

Temporarily Suspended

Brothers All,
As most of you know we are trying to do a better job of reaching out to and communicating with our widows. As of today we have twelve widows.
When I speak with them and ask if there is any way in which the KOC can help them, they sometimes need someone to give them guidance [like "Who do I contact to do a living will?"]  Or I have one lady who just needs someone to come over and do small tasks [like yard work or putting down insecticide or fertilizer]. ...something that doesn't require anything but someone's love, support, and time.
Can you pls send me an e-mail with your name, phone number, and e-mail address so that I can someone in need in touch with you should a need arise.
Indicate how you could help someone in need. Pls indicate how you can help.  Examples:
              1. I can do yard work.
              2. I can help clean out a garage.
              3. I can do minor repairs.
              4. I can help with a legal question.
I will contact you if/when a need arises.
In a spirit of giving, helping, and charity, I hope that you respond to me in the near future. 
Many thanks,
Jay O'Connor